Committees of Council

Committees of Council

Council President Pro Tem:  Bill Eberle

Finance and Purchasing:  Bill Eberle - Chairman, Barry Hall, Michelle Ish

Parks and Recreation:  Jackie Macko - Chairman, Ted Foust, Michelle Ish

Rules of Council and Personnel Policies:  Michelle Ish- Chairman, Jackie Macko, Austin Short

Safety and Refuge:  Ted Foust - Chairman, Jackie Macko, Austin Short

Streets and Sidewalks:  Barry Hall - Chairman, Bill Eberle, Ted Foust

Public Utilities:  Austin Short - Chairman, Bill Eberle, Barry Hall

Mid County EMS Council Representative:  Jackie Macko

Portage Fire District Council Representative:  Ted Foust

Employee Grievance Committee:  Barry Hall, Jackie Macko, Taylor Beck

Planning Commission/BZA Council Representative:  Barry Hall

Regional Water Advisory Board:  Randy Genzman, Village Administrator

Regional Planning Commission (for Ottawa County):   Peter Segaard, Primary/Randy Genzman, Alternate

B-C-S Communications Committee Representative:  Jackie Macko

Parks, Utilities, and Rules Committees report the first meeting of the month. Finance, Streets and Safety Committees report the second meeting of the month.  Council Representatives report at the first meeting of the month.