Public Works

Sidewalk Program

The Village instituted a sidewalk repair and maintenance program in 1994 and is now included in Section 93.40 under property maintenance regulations.  Properties that have public sidewalks crossing or abutting them are required to be maintained by the property owner according to the Villages' construction standards.

The Village is divided into 4 Quadrants and 2 Quadrants are inspected annually, in an alternation fashion.

Public sidewalks that fall into disrepair shall be repaired/replaced by the abutting property owner bringing them into compliance with Village construction standards.  These standards are available in the Villages' Public Works Design Manual.  If the property owner fails to repair, the Village can cause the repairs to be made and the costs placed on the property tax duplicate as a lien.

The Village is continuing to bring its crosswalks into ADA compliance for streets that are not included in capital improvement projects.

For questions regarding public sidewalks, contact the Village Administrator at (419) 898-5561.